3 Creative Ways to Use Period Blood

3 Creative Ways to Use Period Blood

If only there was a creative outlet used to express divine feminine energy. If only Magikal Wombman knew the power we held during our menstrual cycle and how it aligns with the creative lunar energy.

Truth is if we fully innerstood the magikal properties of period blood, we wouldn’t waste it. Just think, if blood can be used to create life force energy; than it goes into question, what else can period blood do? Here are three creative ways we can utilize our period blood to alchemize our divinity and do what we divine feminine do best - CREATE!


Gift It to Earth As A Offering:

Offering period blood as a gift to the Earth is a powerful and sacred act that honors the deep connection between a woman's body and the natural world. In many spiritual traditions, menstruation is regarded as a sacred time when a woman's body undergoes a profound cycle of renewal and transformation. By offering the sacred essence of menstrual blood back to the Earth, women acknowledge the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth.

During this ritual, a woman may collect her menstrual blood in a ceremonial vessel, symbolizing the sacredness of her monthly flow. With deep reverence and gratitude, she pours the blood onto the Earth, returning it to the soil that nurtures and sustains all life. This act is a profound offering of fertility, vitality, and the life force embodied within a woman's womb.

By offering period blood to the Earth, women seek to honor the Earth's feminine energy, aligning themselves with the rhythms of nature and embracing their role as co-creators in the cycle of life. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all beings and a way to express gratitude for the Earth's abundance and sustenance. This ritual can be a deeply transformative and empowering experience, allowing women to embrace and celebrate the sacredness of their bodies, their cycles, and their connection to the natural world.


Paint With It:

Painting with period blood allows for a profound exploration of emotions, memories, and experiences that are intimately connected to the menstrual cycle. It becomes a cathartic and liberating practice, allowing the artist to express her deepest truths, release emotional burdens, and connect with her own authentic self. This act of creation becomes a sacred dialogue between the artist, her body, and the canvas, resulting in artwork that carries a potent message of empowerment, vulnerability, and the beauty of embracing one's own uniqueness.

The womb is the source of all creation and when a wombman embraces the sacredness of her menstrual flow and views it as a source of inspiration and connection to the divine feminine the amount of creative energy she embodies begins to overflow. With intention and reverence, carefully collects your menstrual blood and blend it with other materials to create a unique and deeply personal paint. In this act of creation, you're tapping into your own life force and channeling it onto the canvas, infusing art with a raw and powerful energy.

Painting with period blood as a spiritual practice taps into the profound symbolism and life-giving energy associated with menstruation. It is a deeply personal and transformative act that allows wombman to express their innermost emotions, reclaim their bodies, and connect with their creative power in a unique and powerful way.


Use It for Full Moon or New Moon Manifestations:

Harnessing the power of period blood during new moon or full moon manifestations is a deeply spiritual practice that capitalizes on the inherent energies and symbolism of these lunar phases. The new moon signifies beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions, while the full moon represents culmination, manifestation, and release. By incorporating period blood into these rituals, women tap into the potent life-giving essence within them, aligning it with the cosmic forces at play during these lunar cycles.

During the new moon, when the moon is dark and hidden, women may choose to honor their menstrual flow as a symbol of fertility and potential. By offering their period blood as an intentional and sacred offering, they infuse their intentions and desires into the cosmic realm, calling forth the energies of growth, manifestation, and new beginnings. The act of manifesting with period blood during the new moon becomes a powerful ritual of planting seeds of intention and allowing them to germinate and flourish in alignment with the moon's waxing phases

On the other hand, during the full moon, when the moon is at its peak radiance, women can channel the heightened energies and emotional depth of their menstrual blood into their manifestation practices. The full moon is a time of culmination and release, making it an opportune moment to release stagnant energy, emotions, and limiting beliefs. By incorporating period blood into full moon manifestations, women tap into the transformative power of their menstrual flow, using it as a symbol of shedding and letting go. They can visualize their intentions manifesting, infusing their period blood with gratitude and trust in the unfolding process, and release it as an offering to the universe, allowing the moon's transformative energy to amplify their intentions and bring about desired changes.

Painting with period blood, performing rituals, or incorporating it in other creative practices during new moon or full moon manifestations become potent tools for women to embody their intentions, connect with their bodies, and align themselves with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. It is a deeply empowering and sacred practice that allows women to embrace their innate creative power, harness the energies of the lunar phases, and co-create their realities in harmony with the universal forces at play.


The practice of incorporating period blood into spiritual rituals and creative expressions holds deep significance for women. Offering period blood as a gift to the Earth is a powerful act that honors the connection between a woman's body and the natural world, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. Similarly, painting with period blood as a spiritual practice allows women to express their emotions, reclaim their bodies, and tap into their creative power in a unique and transformative way. When used during new moon or full moon manifestations, period blood becomes a potent tool for setting intentions, manifesting desires, releasing stagnant energy, and aligning with the cosmic energies at play during these lunar phases. There are so many creative outlets wombman could incorporate the use of period blood into. These are some of our favorite ways to alchemize our divinity! 



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