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Hey Goddess! Welcome to Womb Talk, an open-based discussion thread rooted in self-expression, truth, and healing. Here, we can be our authentic selves, communicate openly and anonymously with one another, seek advice, and share different perspectives, experiences, and sacred teachings that have helped guide us on our spiritual paths.


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Trying to look for the oil ingredients to mix to heal my daughters PCOS & my imbalanced hormones. Lelo from SA


Hi ladies, I was diagnosed with adenomyosis this week and came across this tik tok while doing research. I was wondering if anyone could recommend what they have been using. At the moment the only options for treatment offered to me have been marina/IUD or hysterectomy. I would prefer to try a more holistic approach before subjecting my body to either of those options. Honestly any recommendations are welcome. Thank you

Lost and numb

Hey! I checked out the TikTok reviews (I found the oil off TikTok) and I read a review that said it helped with painful periods. This is why I’m purchasing it.


Seeking help with my daughter. Experiencing painful periods. Will this naval oil help her?
Please advise.


Hey! @flowersareforever, cyst/ fibrosis normally comes from an hormonal imbalance! Herbs usually good for balancing hormones are chaste berry, dong quai, Ashwagandha, maca root, black cohosh, red clover, red raspberry leaf! I hope this helps


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