NubianKweenV, creator of Magikal Wombman


It all began on January 5th, 2022, when I discovered I was pregnant. Faced with the rapid changes of impending motherhood, I grappled with fear and anxiety in those early months. In my search for answers, the name Magikal Wombman |Muh-JĀI-kuhl WO͞OM-mən| revealed itself to me during meditation. I was resolute in embracing my pregnancy, hoping this new path would bestow upon me the confidence to realign and potentially find my purpose in this new role of motherhood. Having previously endured a traumatic experience months prior, resulting in significant womb trauma, I innerstood that embarking on this journey into motherhood meant that healing and purifying my womb was an essential first step.  

Understanding that the fear I grappled with was deeply rooted in my unhealed traumas, I envisioned Magikal Wombman as a sacred sanctuary. Here, wombmen can nurture themselves, gain knowledge, and access holistic medicine to heal and rebalance their womb and inner feminine energy as they navigate life's journey. Recognizing that wombmen, collectively, bear significant traumas within their womb space, particularly encompassing both sexual and health-related experiences. I aimed to highlight the connection between diet and its profound impact on the overall well-being of wombmen’s health.

That being said, you aren't here by mistake. Thank you for being a part of our mission to create a sacred space where individuals can educate, honor, and nurture their connection with their womb and the sacred feminine energy within. I hope Magikal Wombman inspires a profound shift in the collective consciousness, one womb at a time. I believe that by honoring and healing our wombs, we can contribute to the healing and empowerment of individuals, families, and communities, allowing the sacred feminine energy to flow and manifest health, abundance, love, and transformation in the world.